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Theo Living is a wellness centre and yoga studio based in Bangkok, Thailand founded by Angeli Jagota. With emphasis on womb healing, yoga and meditation, Theo Living practices thoughtful wellness to promote physical, mental and spiritual well-being.


Angeli Jagota is a Yoga Alliance registered international teacher trainer and author of the widely acclaimed, bestselling book on spiritual sexuality - The Intimacy Protocol. She is a versatile yoga professional, a renowned holistic innovator, life trainer, an articulate wellness counsellor, a spiritual philosopher and a certified kids yoga specialist. 

For her unique women empowerment initiatives such as Goddess Yoga Teacher Training, Womb Healing, Soul Mapping and Fertility Yoga, Angeli is often lovingly addressed as 'Eve-Angelist'. She has been actively conducting women empowerment-centric practice yoga programmes, workshops, trainings, retreats and seminars. In these events Angeli has been helping womenfolk heal their bodies, turbulent relationships, infertility issues, emotional breakdowns, mother-child issues and family planning among a plethora of other issues. 

Angeli simplifies problem-solving in life's day to day situations - across genders, across age groups, across nationalities, across social statuses, across faiths, across all discriminatory boundaries drawn by man.