Aura Scan


What are the benefits of having my aura scanned?

 You may have been analysed anatomically, physiologically but have you ever had a report discussing about how is your emotional health or for that matter a doctor prescribing you a defect in your mental health? Perhaps not. Welcome to the exclusive world of Theo.
Here, you will stand in a better stead when it comes to understanding those parts of yourself you thought never existed along with it gaining a deeper insight into areas of health improvement and energy faults beforehand. 
By knowing aberrations in your emotions, mental balance and overall wellbeing you will be able to get a more effective treatment as you would know where exactly does the problem lie.

The intricate knowledge of your personal attributes will make your more aware and confident of your ability to exercise greater control over your inner self.
The eye catching personal biodata report of your subtle self will bring a new dimension of fun to your overall identity as you discuss yourself in greater detail with your close ones, helping improve your equation with your nears and dears.
The compilation of information regarding inner personality will be a useful addition to your existence as you will have a mathematical report of your emotions, energy and mind.

A comparative study of scannings done at different intervals will reveal the progress in your inner self, the efficacy of healing, the changes in your emotional and mental self on practicing yoga, healing and other subtle modalities. This will also help you gain better physical and emotional assistance as per the demand of the situation. 

What is so special about 'Aura Scanning@Theo' programme?
The biggest privilege of getting your Aura scanned at Theo lies in the fact that it is the only place in Thailand offering such a facility.
The concept of subtle & holistic scanning at Theo combines the power of interactive multimedia technology with scientifically proven biofeedback data to strengthen mind body connections.
The detailed reports generated after Aura scanning are an exclusive convenience to measure one's self growth on the holistic health front.
The professionally organized data, graphs, analysis of the inner self, print reports, they all contribute in making Scanning@Theo an immensely brilliant proposition.
This technological boon will help an individual study the fine link between one's energy, personality, aptitude and overall health. 

If an ordinary picture is worth a thousand words, then a picture of what can't be seen with the naked eye should be rightfully given a worth of a thousand 'worlds'.

Yes, that's exactly what Aura Scanning@Theo is all about - exploring an entirely new world of measuring the immeasurable, clicking the unclickable, recording the unrecordable. In simpler terms, turning a dream into reality.

A visual panorama of effects which our emotions & reactions have on us internally

The future of health & wellness

Cutting edge technology to visually document the churning of your inner self

The power of Biofeedback & human psychology to gauge your overall health & well being
What is Aura?

Every living being on the planet is surrounded by an energy-vibration complex which is not visible to the naked eye. This is known as the Aura. It is a direct reflection of one's radiance, brilliance, well being of the emotional & mental self. The Aura can be understood as a layer of energy around our physical body, exactly the same shape as the physical body. Its like an etheric twin of our physical being.
Any disturbance or distortion in the shape of the Aura is an indicator of an upcoming disease in the particular area. Early diagnosis of a blockage in the Aura is highly fruitful in predicting the onset of a disease. 


What is the science behind Aura Scanning?
There is a 'you' which exists beyond the physical 'you'. For the sake of understanding let us call this as your 'inner you'. Your inner you is invisible, more powerful and far too sophisticated to be tangible or documentable. 
The Aura Scanning technique at Theo involves razor-delicate technology to gauge body temperature, electro dermal activity and record in real time the bio-energy field around you as a result of the vibrations being emitted. Every emotion emits an energy and that energy accumulates in the space around your physical body called the Aura.
The process of measuring the same entails documenting the energy emitted by thoughts the size of the bio-energy field and the subtle energy meridians in the aura using state of the art, fine and dynamic bio sensors which collate the analysis of human psychological behaviour and link the same to the mind-body connections. 
After evaluating the level of emotional energy, the sensors process this energy to the corresponding colour of the emotional wavelength which is also the colour of the Aura.

Isn't knowing about yourself more than anyone else a great idea?
Scan your way to awakening. Get the Scanning@Theo Advantage!

Aura Video 

Witness yourself in an avatar where the motion camera records your video even as bio-sensors project the layer of Aura around you to show you the mirror to the layer of your energy core.

Aura-Chakra viewer
How would you look if your physical body were to be removed and only your energy body be projected? The Aura-Chakra viewing mode allows the scanner to record a digital image of one's energy composition and capture with it the exact frames of the energy meridians called chakras which are present in the Aura.  

BioData Graphs
Emotiometer to tell the level of various emotions in your body, stress scale to indicate your level of anxiety, energy indexes to depict your overall activity level. These are just a few unbelievable parameters which the Biofeedback analysis will help you learn about.


Aura-chakra statistical analysis

Make graphs and other important details as your fitness aid. As you meditate, work on your body, mind and spirit, the data before beginning a meditation or healing programme can be compared with the data of the scan conducted after the programme to study and measure the changes caused by the same. Some of the parameters useful for measuring inner growth and which Aura Scanning@Theo successfully gives out as live reports are Aura size, Chakra Size, Aura colour, meaning of a colour type, personality traits based on Aura colour all measured in specific, easy to understand mathematical units. 
Your inner score in your hands
At Theo, we understand that you would love to get a printed copy of such a precious and invaluable personal data, wouldn't you? So we have instant printing of graphs, histograms and images as instant and live mini diagnostic reports which you can keep for record or which can help me you comparatively analyze the improvement in your emotional and mental well being at a later stage.

ANGELI, Founder-Chairman & Aura Scanning expert


"Health, as even WHO (World Health Organization) has defined, is not just about physical fitness, it includes a total well being of one's emotional, mental, spiritual and social self. Through Aura Scanning at Theo, we are giving an opportunity to all fitness freaks and the health conscious to take to an all inclusive approach to well being. We are offering an opportunity to our beloved members to gauge their health on parameters beyond the physical. For a Theosopher, now it isn't just heart beat, calories or muscle mass that decides their good health. A well chiselled Aura, a peaceful mind, fully blossomed chakras, level of good emotions and other such subtle emotional and mental factors hold equal importance in measuring overall well being. If these factors exist why discount them when quantifying the perfection in your health?"

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