Fertility Wellness


It is widely known how holistic practices such as Yoga cause an overall relaxation, reduce anxiety, stress and depression.  Research has also been carried out and concluded that Yoga, Wellness activities as well as Holistic processes significantly help to promote conception on a physiological level.

Reproductive wellness trainers, innovators and healers have, through research and development, carved a combination of practices specifically to improve the conditions necessary for conception and pregnancy. By sincerely practicing Fertility Yoga, one can trigger the self-regulation of hormonal imbalances and increase circulation and stimulation of reproductive organs. With the increased blood flow that nourishes the endometrial lining, the probability and success rate of conception and implantation greatly improves, enabling couples to attain their family planning goals with greater clarity and ease, gaining peace and positivity they desire in life. 

Anger, frustration, and stress (arising from infertility or any aspect of life) cause disturbance in the natural secretion and flow of hormones. The "fight and flight" response is our body's natural way of tackling a stressful situations. During such a response, all energy is taken up by the body's army of fighter cells and the organic secretion of hormones is suppressed, inhibiting reproductive ability.

By employing and practicing Theo's Fertility Wellness regime, one can essentially shut off, or at least slow down, these “fight or flight” responses, thereby decreasing levels of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline (all of which are counterproductive to conception).  

 The therapeutic and natural Fertility Wellness regime at Theo helps restore a woman’s biological clock and hormonal balance, besides resurrecting menstrual cycle to its optimal state. Sincere practices imparted at our studio enable prospective mothers to better connect to two of the most vital vehicles of their fertility journey - their own body and their equation with their better half, laying the most ideal foundation for a healthy pregnancy.


The ancient holistic modality of Yoga (body postures) combined with Pranayama (respiratory exercises) is a tremendous holistic tool to orient, align and uplift an individual at three stages of existence 

The advantages of Fertility Wellness at Theo start with body contortions and complex movements called Yog asana or Yoga postures. The thrust area of the postures are to awaken the hip and pelvic region in both men and women in order to break down any injured cells and release tight musculature that can obstruct optimal circulation to the reproductive organs. Certain other movements are aimed at adding power to the pelvic floor area to prepare for childbearing and childbirth. The common thread binding the Fertility postures are their objectives of increasing the awareness of the body, with added focus on the pelvic and abdominal section for imparting greater self knowledge to the practitioner so that she may be in a state of receptivity and preparedness for conceiving.

Recommended Asanas:

- Standing forward bend
- Seated forward bend
- Butterfly
- Alternative nostril breathing
- Bee Breath
- Child’s pose
- Legs up the wall
- Deep Relaxation

The biggest advantage and a stand out aspect of Fertility Wellness versus the medically assisted reproductive technologies is that it factors in the aspects beyond the physical. Consistent performance of these asanas usher in highly meaningful transformation in the practitioner’s physiology and trigger the reinstatement of balance in the two most important organ systems governing fertility - endocrine system and the nervous system.

As mentioned earlier, Fertility Yoga facilitates the "switching off" of the sympathetic nervous system (responsible for the flight and flight mechanism) and "switching on" of the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Recommended Asana: 
-  Meditation Chants 
-  Inversions (shoulder stand) for the pineal and thyroid gland
- Chest openers and Twists  – for the adrenal glands
-  Restoratives – to move towards a parasympathetic state

Humans are fluid creatures in that their existence as a living being with higher consciousness and sensitivity is based on their ability to emote. Without emotions humans would be robots in an assembly line factory. 

Fertility is not immune to the influence of emotions - good or bad. A new life can be welcomed only when the existing life is emotionally healthy, enriched with positive and happy feelings. 

In a cyclical phenomenon, the anxiety and stress associated with the inability to conceive can prove to be the cause of the inability in the first place.  

In Theo's Fertility Wellness programme, the meditative aspect, the journaling aspect and the soul relaxation aspect invoke inner power bringing peace and calmness to the mind and emotions by directing the breath to inject a new lease of life in all the colonies of cells in the body. This process also aligns the various power centres in the body - the pineal centre (wisdom), the heart centre (passion), the naval centre (emotions) and the reproductive centre (core strength).  

In Fertility Yoga, we reinvent our existing unification with our inner self to materialize our seeking, streamline our creative powers and rationalize our reproductive powers in the right direction for desired outcomes. 

Recommended Asana/Pranayama/techniques:

- Breath of fire
- Guided Imagery / Yoga Nidra
- Increased awareness of the pelvis and internal organs
- Letting go of the old and making way for the new
- Preparing for baby/ Setting Intention
- Meditation

Yoga is infinitely vast but what we project in Fertility Yoga postures and breathwork most suited to the requirements of a woman in the build up to getting pregnant in the most healthy manner. 

Also, in Fertility Yoga, our focus is on gentler forms of Yoga, such as Hatha, Kripalu and Chakra Balancing aimed at boosting the reproductive potential of our body. 

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