Theo Living is a Holistic Healing Hub located in the heart of Bangkok, which exists to help promote perfect health for all people.

Theo Living for your mind, body & soul.


Hi, I’m Angeli,

Founder of Theo Living.

My true calling in life is to find solutions to everyday problems for all people. I'm a versatile yoga practitioner, renowned Holistic Innovator, Life Trainer, Wellness Counsellor, Soul Philosopher and a certified Kids Yoga specialist. Join me at Theo Living to grow into the person you know that you were meant to become.

Have you ever met a woman who simply glows from the inside?

A goddess that makes everyone around her wonder "how does she do it?!" 

Well, she could be YOU.

My Goddess Yoga Teacher Training was created for women just like you to realise their true calling in life.

Yes it's yoga. Yes it's breath work. Yes it's asanas. But it's also so much more.

This Yoga Alliance accredited 200 hour yoga teacher training is meant for you to connect with the woman that you are truly meant to be.

Upcoming Trainings & Workshops