Theo Living is a Holistic Healing Hub located in the heart of Bangkok city which has as at its centrepiece of its existence motto -perfect health for all people.

The medium that we wish to utilize to fulfil this objective of ours is purely holistic.

Theo Living aims to become the best Yoga studio in the country in terms of variety of courses offeredquality service and most important, divinely compassionate delivery of service. In other words, we wish to deliver, holistic training with a Spiritual Touch.

Our trainers have it in them to impart a heartfelt & thorough hands-on mentoring, whatever the discipline of holistic learning may be.

The diverse range of programmes offered makes Theo a one stop shop for everything holistic.

Meditation is also a domain which we are endeavouring to become pioneers of. What is driving our hunger is the exclusive Aura Scanning service which can help measure the inner vitals of any individual in terms of gauging the emotional level, stress markers, Aura size, chakra size, personality type, and much more through sophisticated technology which uses powerful & cutting-edge bio-sensor technology to read the bio-dermal activity & furnish detailed reports, graphs, data & analysis of the inner self.

There are the various kinds of meditations & for good measure. Some of them being Pranayama meditation, Transcendental meditation, Kundalini meditation etc.

Apart from Aura Scan some interesting features on our service menu, which we call them as our major attractions, are the weekly wellness workshops. The weekly workshops help expand the horizons of what we can offer to our valued patrons. So if the conventional yoga, meditation, healing and Aura routine leaves one with hunger for more, we have workshops on subjects as diverse as holistic nutrition to detoxification.

Oh and lest we forget, we have a goodie package for even dear children - The Kids Yoga programme at the centre is being shepherded by a certified kids expert who also offers consultation on child nutrition and holistic upbringing of children.

On the anvil are some unique upcoming ventures such as sound therapy healing, family yoga, nutrition wellness, organic lifestyle and a smorgasbord of holistic brilliance.

For us, the world is an endless space for unending possibilities of spreading smiles through good holistic health, wellness, spiritual ascension and eventual happiness.

We endeavour to achieve all by the end of it.